Watercolor Painting Instruction for Absolute Beginners

Watercolor Painting Instruction

For Absolute Beginners

Paint Your First Pictures

This Coming Weekend!


ould you really paint your first watercolor this coming weekend?

Yes, you could, and my unique digital instruction kit will show you how!


You will rapidly discover that watercolor painting is not only enjoyable but highly addictive. When you’ve completed the first picture to your own personal satisfaction, you will want to crack on and paint several more…


First though, let me tell you a little about me and why I developed this kit.


My name is Jim Green. By profession I am an established author with a string of bestselling traditionally published books to my bow, and when I’m not writing...

I produce
watercolor sketches by the score for pure pleasure – and I would like to assist you to do the same.


My kit will empower you to paint watercolors even if you are a complete beginner; even if you cannot draw a straight line without recourse to a ruler.


Watercolor sketches (or doodles as I call them) are my favourite because they take less time to produce but I even so I still manage to knock out full scale paintings when the mood is on me.


  • Watercolor painting is therapeutic
  • Watercolor painting is relaxing
  • Watercolor painting is fulfilling
  • Watercolor painting is fun
  • Watercolor painting is inexpensive

 Based on my own development as a dedicated watercolorist over the years, the instruction you will receive is bite size in content, easy to read, and simple to implement in your quest to produce professional watercolors you will be proud to show to family members, friends and colleagues. You will learn...


  • The value of some research before you start painting
  • How to choose art materials and why to opt for the best
  • How to master the myth about drawing and perspective
  • Why you must become familiar with mixing watercolors
  • The easy way to paint landscapes
  • Breathing in the ozone as you paint sand and water
  • The exciting options at your disposal for painting skies
  • How to paint rocks and mountains with consummate ease
  • How to prepare for sketching outdoors
  • Single watercolor painting and its amazing effects
  • How to engage in abstract painting
  • How, where, and when to exhibit your work
  • Why you should focus on watercolor sketches at the outset

 What I do in my leisure hours, so too can you, and with my kit you will be churning out watercolors like these (even betterJ) in next to no time:




  • Why you should spend twice as much time thinking about what you are going to paint than the time you actually take to paint it…


  • Why you should study how other artists tackle watercolor painting


  • Why you should let the pencil in your hand follow the vision in your eye without constantly looking down at the paper


  • How deft angular strokes of the paint brush create perspective


  • 6 reasons why landscapes provide the ideal launching pad for beginners


  • 8 techniques for painting spectacular skies


  • 8 vital tips when preparing to sketch or paint outdoors


  • Sensing the briny in your lungs as you commit color to paper when painting sand, water, and seascapes


  • How to avoid ending up between a rock and a hard place when attempting to paint hills and mountains


  • Why abstracts provide a fun way of creating watercolors


  • Step by step tuition to get you up and running as a watercolorist in next to no time!


  • Where to go online for hugely discounted art materials


PLUS: 16 watercolor illustrations reviewed, dissected, and action-charted to enable you to do it for yourself…


What This Unique Watercolor Kit Contains…


1. Research before you start painting

2. The materials you will need

3. Drawing and perspective

4. Getting to know your paint box

5. How to paint Landscapes

6. How to paint Water

7. How to paint Skies

8. How to paint Rocks and Mountains

9. Sketching outdoors

10. Single color painting

11. Abstract painting

12. Exhibiting your work

… And where to find Art Supplies at rock bottom prices!

This fully illustrated digital watercolor instruction kit will show you what to do and how to do it. It comes to you in PDF format which can be read on any computer, anywhere in the world.

It’s all yours for just $27


I could charge much more for such comprehensive instruction but I want as many people as possible to derive the pleasure I do from painting watercolors. The kit was designed for beginners and I am happy to pass on my expertise at a modest cost.




You have 60 days to evaluate this unique watercolor instruction kit and if for whatever reason you are less than 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, your money will be refunded without quibble; guaranteed.


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bestselling author & Watercolor enthusiast


PS: I could of course just give away this kit for free but genuine enthusiasts do not place any real value on what they get for free; they tend to pay more attention to authentic knowledge that costs just a few dollars to acquire…


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